Angry Birds has turned into a worldwide Gaming Super Hit

Angry Birds has turned into a worldwide Gaming Super Hit

Angry Birds has turned into a worldwide gaming super hit. How this game came into existence is a primary question that comes in everyone’s mind. Rovio Ltd is the name of the company that developed angry birds in December 2009. It’s not the first game they developed. They have been developing games for many years but had certainly never broken through into global recognition the way they did with angry birds. The concept for this game originated when the company was contemplating unique ideas for games that they assumed could gain popularity. It was an effective idea spawned from some sketches of wingless and legless birds who were angry.

The developers of Angry Birds initially had not a clue exactly what video game they were going to develop. These kind of minor birds ended up being so stunning that the developers decided to develop an online game based upon the birds. It was originally developed and first published as an application for the iPhones. However, it did not take so long before it gained remarkable popularity and this demanded a great expansion into additional smartphone devices like Android.  Since it was developed, the game has sold more than 13 million apps alone becoming one of the highest selling mobile apps ever. The enthusiasts of Angry Birds have created social media pages, websites and lot of groups all those are dedicated to playing strategies, spreading tips and Angry Bird frenzy. As a result, it can be easily found almost everywhere online.

As the name suggests, these birds are very angry because the green pigs have stolen their precious eggs to enjoy them. Thus, they and their biggest enemies. Now, the mission of angry birds is to take revenge by hitting green pigs to get all of their unborn offspring. While acting as the angry birds, it highly demands that the players must be extra alert, skilled and able to adopt military-like strategies to defeat the green pigs. The birds can do this by making use of their destruction powers in order to damage the pig’s prepared castles. On the other hand, the pigs will not hand over their eggs very easily but it demands struggles. There are 120 different levels of this game. As the angry birds and players need to take a break, you can pause or save the game to continue playing where you left off. It is a best revolutionary game in the modern gaming industry ever.


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