Why we are crazy for Angry Birds

Why we are crazy for Angry Birds

We all are crazy for Angry Birds. We love this game too much. Whether it is desktop computer, laptop, tab, smart phone or mobile, we wish to install this game in all devices. Children, youngsters and elders, all give their time for this game. There are some interesting features of this game which made us crazy lovers.

Some are given below:

Easy to Download and Install

The beautiful feature of this game is its easy and simple downloading from internet and different websites. No license and fees is required. As you download, install it in your devices, it is also simple and not a tough task. All age people who have little knowledge about smart phones and computers can download and install it individually.

Easy to Understand

Angry Birds is simple and easy to understand. A two to three years baby can easily learn it within some hours. Its steps, rounds, options and all features are so interesting and uncomplicated. A step by step demo can be got to understand it.

Interesting Sounds

The sound, buzz and alarming of this game is pleasing and full of joy. Guideline recordings and voices during success and failure, all are interesting. All users and players enjoy this game. It seems that latest technology is used to entertain the people. The ups and downs echo and waves of sounds are really fantastic.

Beautiful Visuals

The colors, lights, flowers, plants, trees, birds and all including things and objects have fantastic and eye-catching visuals. All these visuals and used pantones are highly wonderful. The viewers and players love to see this game in smart phones and devices. The player during playing this game feels himself / herself into the playground.


The player of this game gets easy and understandable directions, bonuses and constructive feedbacks those motivate the players and viewers. This is good strategy to provide such type of feedbacks to the players, these help to go ahead. If players loose in any round, the encouraging and motivating policy in this game give new spirit to them.

Angry Bird is an interesting and fantastic game. It is full of latest technological features which give the players and users a joyful time at home, grounds, markets and offices. Its visuals, sounds and steps to understand, all are easy and friendly. To get the real taste of this game, practical experience is necessary.


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